Visitor Profile

Photo Contact Istanbul fair is a generally accessible event that anyone interested in photography can visit. The fair is open to everyone who has an interest in the art of photography.

  • Photographers: Professional photographers will attend the fair to see the exhibited artworks and find new sources of inspiration.
  • Photography Professionals: Individuals engaged in professional photography will participate in the fair to discover new equipment, stay updated on industry developments, and strengthen business relationships.
  • Press: Journalists, publishers, and media representatives will visit the fair for photography-related news.
  • Photojournalists: Photojournalists working for news agencies will attend to closely examine the exhibited photography equipment and innovations.
  • Photography Clubs: Members of photography clubs will come to the fair as a group to participate in photography-related activities and share their experiences.
  • Photography Associations: Members of photography associations will enhance their knowledge and experience in photography by participating in the events organized during the fair.
  • Photography Studios: Owners of photography studios will come to the fair to explore new equipment, establish business connections, and promote their studio services.
  • Advertising Companies: Companies operating in the advertising sector will find photography solutions for their projects by selecting among the products and services exhibited at the fair.
  • Photography Enthusiasts: Amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts interested in photography will visit the fair.
  • Students: Students from universities with photography departments and photography clubs will visit the fair.