Photography Certificate Program

At Photo Contact Istanbul fair, a certificate program will be organized that will last for 5 days and in total will be 20 hours long.

This program will be aimed at those who want to gain in-depth knowledge about photography and will provide participants with the opportunity to obtain a certificate.

Program Topics

  • Basic Photography (Erdem Kılavuz)
  • Documentary Photography (Nevzat Yıldırım)
  • Mobile Photography (Cem Kıvırcık)
  • Wedding Photography (Serhan Serter)
  • Food Photography (Aslı Güvenç)
  • Fashion Photography (Nurdan Usta)
  • Advertising Photography (Süleyman Kaçar)
  • Birth Photography (Yonca Şahin)
  • Architectural – Real Estate Photography (Yüksel Altun)
  • Artificial Intelligence in Photography (Ozan Sihay)
  • Photo Editing Techniques (Nezihi Gözen)
  • Editorial Photography (Ömer Serkan Bakır)
  • Street Photography (Tunç Uğurdağ)
  • Macro Micro Photography (Savaş Şener)
  • Sports Photography (Dr. Erhan Mutlugün)
  • Astro Photography (Mustafa Aydın)
  • Analog Photography and Darkroom Techniques (Murat Gür)
  • Nature and Wildlife Photography (İsmail Şahinbaş)
  • Photography Culture and Art (Prof. Dr. Ozan Bilgiseren)
  • Portrait Photography (Deniz Çeliker)

Note: Additional courses will be offered in the future for specialization in the desired topics.

The schedule for the certificate program will be shared in the upcoming days.